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Whether paying cash for or financing a solar system...a solar lease may work to your advantage.

For many years we actually steered people away from leases because the choices were few, the companies were unstable and the terms were unfair. After extensive review we have found a lease that is worth considering. The cost basis of the lease is less federal tax credits, state rebates and renewable energy credits. If prepaying the lease, this allows us to offer an up front price of about one half of the price to purchase the system before these benefits are applied. In all cases, the leasing company owns the solar system and the homeowner is able to benefit from the use of the solar system with limited risk. Below are some of the lease highlights:

No Money Down with Flexible Terms.You have the choice of no down payment, a down payment to lower payments or to prepay the entire lease. You may elect to escalate your payments or have flat payments. We fit your lease to your individual financial situation and future plans.

20-Year Lease Period.
Twenty years is desirable because in most cases, it allows you to make lower monthly payments than what you are currently paying for your electricity today. Our goal in structuring your lease is to show immediate savings on your power bill, allowing you to lock in payments that fits your budget. Compare this to the larger payments and down payment required with 10 and 15 year leases.

20-Year Power Production Guarantee.
You are leasing the benefits of the solar system in the form of kilowatt hours (kWh) produced from the solar system. If your system fails to perform as contracted, your account is credited or if prepaid you are refunded at a predetermined kWh rate. If your system overproduces, which is more likely, the extra kWh are yours to benefit from for no additional charge. Compare this to a similar power purchase agreement (PPA) that charges you for overproduction.

20-Year Warranty.
If an inverter or another system component fails you are covered by a 20 year limited warranty. You will be provided the warranty to review prior to accepting the lease. Compare this to the 10 to 15 year warranty provided on most purchased systems and shorter termed leases plans.

Free Monitoring.
The lease company is the owner of the solar system and has an interest in making sure your system is operational. By monitoring your system, the lease company is informed when there is a problem and will dispatch a solar technician to troubleshoot and repair it. This service is included for the 20 year life of your lease.

Installation Lead Times.
JPS is obligated to the lease company to have your system installed within 30 days of receipt of materials and interconnected with in 10 days of the notice to proceed. In most cases, it takes three months from signing the lease to interconnection, however the lease funding is dependent on 3rd party funding to the lease company and can take up to six months.

Fair End-of-Lease Terms.
Everyone asks us, "What happens at the end of the lease?" It is a good question and is very important. You have three choices, no cost removal, lease renewal or purchase at fair market value for a mutually agreed appraised price. If you don't make a choice then the lease company may elect to either remove the system or surrender the system to you at no cost.

Simple Transfer Terms.
Another good question almost everyone asks, "What if I need to sell my house?" The Lease is transferable and can pass to the new homeowner or you can elect to buy out the lease and sell it with your house.

Honest & Upfront Pricing.
When quoting, we will provide a simple proposal good for 15 days. Upon acceptance and soft credit approval you are sent a copy of your lease and warranty to review and sign. After signing, you have three days to change your mind, after which we commence with the solar project process.

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